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Is smokeless tobacco Legal in Canada?

Is smokeless tobacco Legal in Canada

Is smokeless tobacco Legal in Canada? In this post, we shall focus on the legality of smokeless tobacco in Canada. Secondly, we will look at places where you can order smokeless tobacco in Canada, Thirdly, how to order smokeless tobacco online legally in Canada, Then finally, the health effects of smokeless tobacco in Canada. But before we proceed, let’s begin by looking at certain facts about smokeless tobacco.

What is smokeless tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco is tobacco you don’t smoke or burn. It consists of large-grain tobacco leaves shredded or twisted. They come loose in paper packets or small cans. Smokeless tobacco is also available in different brands and flavors. Also known as chewing tobacco, chew, dipping tobacco, dip, oral tobacco, spit, spitting tobacco, and snuff.

There are three main types of smokeless tobacco:

  1. Dipping tobacco. Commonly idiomatically known as “dip“. Dip tobacco is a type of tobacco that comes ground and shredded.
  2. Chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is one that consists of coarsely chopped aged tobacco. It comes flavored and sweetened.
  3. Snuff tobacco. Snuff tobacco comes from finely ground or pulverized tobacco leaves. Delivering a swift hit of nicotine and a lasting flavored scent.

Is smokeless tobacco Legal in Canada?

The obvious answer to this question is YES smokeless tobacco is legal in Canada. This is simply because Smokeless Tobacco (ST) products are exempted from some federal laws or regulations that apply to cigarettes.

The law does not specifically prohibit the sale of smokeless tobacco products; therefore, the law is interpreted as permitting the sale of smokeless tobacco products.

Despite this fact, there are still certain legal requirements:

In Ontario, a person must be 19 years of age to legally buy, be provided with, or smoke tobacco, cannabis, or vapor products.

Restrictions on flavors in Canadian tobacco products

Restrictions on flavors in Canadian tobacco products have been introduced incrementally over the
past decade.

  • Starting in 2009, the federal government banned the use of several additives in cigarettes,
    blunt wraps, and small cigars, including flavoring agents. Menthol was initially excluded from
    this restriction, but by November 2018 menthol was banned from all tobacco products across
    Canada. The federal government currently does not restrict the use of additives in large
    cigars, pipe tobacco, kreteks, waterpipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, or heated tobacco.
  • Seven Canadian provinces and two territories have implemented bans on flavored tobacco:
    o Nova Scotia was the first province to ban menthol in Canada, a measure it introduced
    in the spring of 2015.
    o Three provinces and one territory subsequently put in place comprehensive bans on
    flavors in all tobacco products: Quebec (2016), New Brunswick (2016), Prince
    Edward Island (2017) and Yukon (2020).
    o In addition to Nova Scotia, three other provinces and one territory have adopted
    flavor bans that exempt some categories of tobacco products. These are Alberta
    (2015), Ontario (2016), Newfoundland and Labrador (2017), and Northwest
    Territories (2020).
  • Because Canadian lawmakers do not always define e-cigarettes as ‘tobacco products’, bans on
    flavors on tobacco products do not apply to vaping products. The notable exception to this is
    Nova Scotia, which removed the exemption on its flavor ban for e-cigarettes, effective April 1,

How old do you have to be to buy smokeless tobacco in Canada?

In Canada, the 1997 federal Tobacco Act makes it an offense to sell or supply smokeless tobacco to anyone under the age of 18.

  1. Ontario.
  2. Alberta.
  3. Saskatchewan.
  4. New Scotland (Nova Scotia).
  5. British Columbia
  6. New Brunswick
  7. Manitoba
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador
  9. Quebec
  10. Northwest Territories
  11. Prince Edward Island
  12. Nunavut
  13. Yukon

How to legally order smokeless tobacco in Canada

1. Visit the smokeless tobacco shop

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2. Age Verification

As you may already know, it is illegal to buy or provide smokeless tobacco to anyone under the age of 18 years. So after visiting this website, you will be required to complete the age verification process before accessing the content on this website.

3. Browse Products

If you pass the age verification check, you will be granted access to the content on the website. From here, you can browse through the products that are available in stock such as; Chewing tobacco, Snuff and dip, Snus, and Nicotine pouches. We recommend you go with nicotine pouches as they are the best choice for most Canadians.

4. Place your order

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Is smokeless tobacco harmful?

Even though it is legal in Canada, using smokeless tobacco is harmful to health, although much less than smoking tobacco. There are several health effects associated with smokeless tobacco, including:

  1. Cancer. Smokeless tobacco has high levels of chemicals and other substances that can cause cancer, especially mouth and throat cancer. It can also cause leathery white patches in the mouth that can turn into cancer.
  2. Tooth decay and mouth sores. The sugar in smokeless tobacco can cause tooth decay and painful mouth sores.
  3. Poor gum health. Smokeless tobacco can cause people’s gums to pull away from their teeth, which can lead to loose teeth.

Conclusion: It is legal absolutely legal to buy smokeless tobacco in Canada. However, you must be at least 18 years of age to legally order smokeless tobacco in Canada.