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Facts About Smokeless Tobacco

Facts About Smokeless Tobacco

Facts About Smokeless Tobacco. Are you looking for an alternative to smoking? Then you might want to try smokeless tobacco. In this post, we will disclose all the facts and truths about smokeless tobacco. Including the health effects associated with using it.

What is smokeless tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco is tobacco you don’t smoke or burn. It consists of large-grain tobacco leaves shredded or twisted. They come loose in paper packets or small cans. Smokeless tobacco is also available in different brands and flavors. Also known as chewing tobacco, chew, dipping tobacco, dip, oral tobacco, spit, spitting tobacco, and snuff.

There are three main types of smokeless tobacco:

  1. Dipping tobacco. Commonly idiomatically known as “dip“. Dip tobacco is a type of tobacco that comes ground and shredded.
  2. Chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is one that consists of coarsely chopped aged tobacco. It comes flavored and sweetened.
  3. Snuff tobacco. Snuff tobacco comes from finely ground or pulverized tobacco leaves. Delivering a swift hit of nicotine and a lasting flavored scent.

Best smokeless tobacco products

How much does it cost?

Generally, smokeless tobacco is not expensive when compared to conventional tobacco that is smoked. Each can of dip costs an average of $6.19 per can. Below is a price list of smokeless tobacco.

Loose Leaf Chewing Tobacco$9.35$50$59.35
Snuff & Dip Tobacco$5.55$50$55.55
Nicotine Pouches$2.99$50$52.99
Plug Chewing Tobacco$11.79$50$61.79
Twist Chewing Tobacco$11.70$50$61.70
Long Cut Tobacco$5.55$50$55.55
Fine Cut Tobacco$2.85$50$52.85
The average cost of smokeless tobacco.

Top Dip and Chew Brands

  • Beech-Nut
  • Copenhagen
  • Grizzly
  • Kodiak
  • Levi Garrett
  • Mail Pouch
  • Oliver Twist
  • Red Man
  • Skoal
  • Stoker’s

How to use smokeless tobacco?

You use Snuff by placing it in the mouth between the cheek and the gums. While you use dipping tobacco by placing a pinch, or “dip”, of tobacco between the lip and the gum. Therefore, the more you chew and move the tobacco around in your mouth, the more opportunity it is for the nicotine to get into the bloodstream. Just try not to swallow any of the juices from the tobacco.

Is smokeless tobacco harmful?

Yes, it is. there are several health effects associated with smokeless tobacco, including:

  • Cancer. Smokeless tobacco has high levels of chemicals and other substances that can cause cancer, especially mouth and throat cancer. It can also cause leathery white patches in the mouth that can turn into cancer.
  • Tooth decay and mouth sores. The sugar in smokeless tobacco can cause tooth decay and painful mouth sores.
  • Poor gum health. Dip and chew can cause people’s gums to pull away from their teeth, which can lead to loose teeth.

How long does chewing tobacco stay in your system?

In general, nicotine can only be detected in the body for a short time, with half eliminated around two hours after your last exposure. Cotinine levels remain elevated for longer, detectable in urine and blood samples for up to seven days.

How to Order Smokeless Tobacco

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  2. Then Navigate to the “Chewing tobacco” product category.
  3. Search for the smokeless tobacco product you wish to order.
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  5. Under the checkout page, fill in the required information.
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  7. Input your date of birth for age verification.
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